Summer Intensive Russian language Courses

Summer Intensive Russian language Courses

Summer intensive Russian language courses are open in June, July and August (duration from 2-8 weeks).

The training program includes:

  • Oral and Written Speech Practice;

  • Practical Grammar;

  • Country Studying / Language of Mass Media (to choose from);

  • Practical Studying of Culture.

Cultural Program

The cultural programmeis to provide your going sightseeing and visiting museums in Irkutsk. You will have an opportunity to travel around Irkutsk region, see Lake Baikal and visit a true Siberia village, a botanical garden, a historical museum, an art museum, a mineralogical museum; also you make a tour round Baikal railway.

Moreover, we offer you brief excursions to the Buddhist regional centre in Ulan-Ude and in the Arshan health centre. (Additional information and photos look at web site

To get more information, please, contact Oksana Skripnik, the Deputy Director in charge for work with foreign students in IIEL.

Telephone: 8(3952) 52-11-51

Fax: 8 (3952)42-63-09