Preparatory Faculty

Preparatory Faculty for Foreigners

International Institute of Economics and Linguistics

Irkutsk State University (PF IIEL ISU)

Preparatory faculty for foreign students offers the following educational curricula:

  • Foundation course to get ready to enter the higher education establishments in Russia;
  • Courses to improve the knowledge of Russian Language (language probation period);
  • Summer courses of Russian language.

Preparation program has three specializations:

    1. Arts (the Humanities) Specialization. The curriculum includes:

      • Practical course of Russian Language (Phonetics, Communication, Peculiarities of General Scientific Style);
      • Russian Literature;
      • Country Studying;
      • Geography;
      • Mathematics;
      • Information Technology.

    1. Economic Specialization. The curriculum includes:

      • Practical course of Russian Language (Phonetics, Communication, Peculiarities of General Scientific Style);
      • Mathematics;
      • Economics;
      • Geography;
      • Information Technology;
      • Country Studying.

    1. Natural-Scientific Specialization. The curriculum includes:

      • Practical course of Russian Language (Phonetics, Communication, Peculiarities of General Scientific Style);
      • Mathematics;
      • Information Technology;
      • Physics;
      • Chemistry;
      • Biology.

Courses to improve the knowledge of Russian Language (language probation period) consist of three levels:

  • A1 - Elementary Level of Russian language skills
  • A2 - Basic Level of Russian language skills
  • B1 - Intermediate Level of Russian language skills (Certified level)

Summer Courses of Russian include:

  • Oral and Written Speech Practice;
  • Practical Grammar;
  • Country Studying / Language of Mass Media (according to the student's choice);
  • Practical Studying of Culture.

Education period: from 2 to 10 months (8-38 weeks)

Summer Courses: July - August (from 2-8 weeks)

The preparation education in ISU has been lasting since 1966 when the pre-entrance faculty was established. Since then more than 9 000 students from Austria, France, China, the Republic of Korea, Mongolia, the USA, Germany, Japan, Turkey, Syria, Laos, Vietnam and many other countries have received the education on these programmes.

The faculty has been modernly equipped. There are 3 computer classrooms, 4 multimedia classrooms, a language laboratory; 2 video rooms, several specialized rooms for language studying, a library with the reading hall, a gym, a students cafe and a hostel.

The teaching process is provided by highly skilled teaching staff of three chairs: the Chair of Russian Language as a Foreign one, the Chair of Natural Science, the Social-Economic Chair. All teachers have large experience with foreign citizens not only in Russia but abroad, are aware of innovative technologies, and are the authors of many exercise-books, tutorials.

Our advantages:

  1. Russian language can be studied from any level (even beginning level);
  2. Before starting education all students are tested on the Russian language competence. According to the results the students are divided into groups or are taught individually.
  3. To improve the acquired knowledge the students participate in different creative clubs, competitions, contents, conferences;
  4. There are different special additional courses "Russian World", "Russia Today", "Business Russian", "History of Russia and Russian Literature", "The World of Russian Cinema", "Phonetics and Russian Poetry", "The World of Russian Culture"
  5. The students have the possibility to use the literature, the Internet free of charge.

Entrance Requirements:

The foreign students who have certificate of high education and the education visa are allowed to enter the pre-entrance faculty.

Tuition Fee in 2017-2018: 106 000 per year (10 600 roubles per month).

Additional costs:

  • Health insurance costs;
  • Passport-Visa costs according to the Law of Russian Federation;
  • Students hostel residence costs;
  • Catering costs.

Application form:

After choosing a course of study, you write a letter where you indicate the course you are going to study and the term. Also you should fill in an application form and send it together with the copy of passport and the copy of Certificate of High Education to the University. Then the University sends you an invitation letter. Invitation preparation is within two months. The University needs the following information from you:

  • full name
  • sex
  • citizenship (if you have a double citizenship, please specify)
  • country of permanent residence, address of permanent residence
  • date of birth
  • country and place of birth
  • the scan of passport sent by E-mail
  • city in which you are going to apply for a visa
  • the course of study and terms you have chosen, at Irkutsk State University
  • home address, phone/fax number, e-mail
  • place of study
  • place of work (if any) full name of the organization and full address

After the invitation is received you should:

  • receive the visa to Russia in the Embassy or in the Consulate General of Russian Federation in your native country;
  • inform in advance the ISU about your arrival date (flight number, train number etc.) within 5 working days.

After arriving to the University you should give the following documents:

  • Passport, migratory card, education visa.
  • Certificate to prove your high education, enlisting the names of the subjects and the received grades;
  • Medical certificate proving the absence of AID-disease and many other diseases to study in Russia.
  • 5 photos 3*4.

The cultural programme is to provide your going sightseeing and visiting museums in Irkutsk. You will have an opportunity to travel around Irkutsk region, see Lake Baikal and visit a true Siberia village, a botanical garden, a historical museum, an art museum, a mineralogical museum, make a round Baikal railway trip. Moreover, we offer you brief excursions to the Buddhist regional centre in Ulan-Ude and the Arshan health centre. ( Additional information and photos look at web-site: )

To get more information, please, contact the Deputy Director for foreigners in IIEL Oksana Skripnik.

Telephone: 8(3952) 52-11-51

Fax: 8 (3952)42-63-09

Ganusenko Lyudmila

Telephone:8 (3952) 20-02-85